What is Self-Help? – MHEP, INC

  • Self-help groups are Peer-led. They are facilitated by individuals who participate as group members, sharing the common experience, challenge or concern of other members, and who do not act as the authority in the group. As a group, all members decide on shared goals and tasks, and members share responsibilities on an equal basis.
  • Self-help groups are Open-Ended. People attend when they feel the need for support; there are no registration or attendance requirements. Sometimes, depending on its purpose (for example, to provide an educational event or training focusing on a particular issue), a group may be time-limited, where people attend for a specific period of time, and members would be asked to commit to this particular period of time.
  • There is no or little cost to attend. Groups may ask for donations to cover the cost of refreshments, publicity, rental of meeting space, copying of materials, etc. Groups sustain themselves through the resources of their members, and no one profits financially.

The Mental Health Empowerment Project offers technical assistance to individuals interested in starting and maintaining a self-help group. Please call us at 518-434-1393.