US election: UK ‘excited’ about working with Biden, says Dominic Raab

US election: UK ‘excited’ about working with Biden, says Dominic Raab


media captionUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “There would possibly be a ways extra that unites us than divides us”

Boris Johnson has said there is “extra that unites than divides” him and Joe Biden as he pledged to work collectively to defend “frequent values and interests”.

The UK prime minister urged broadcasters he and the US president-elect shared a perception in democracy, human rights, free speech and free trade.

He moreover welcomed the “true prospect” of the US now showing “global management” on native weather trade.

Mr Biden’s allies hold within the intervening time sought to soft over Brexit variations.

Senator Chris Coons, who is tipped to turn into secretary of train within the Biden administration, said the election turned into as soon as an opportunity “to leap initiate a recent chapter” in transatlantic household.

Asked about Mr Biden’s opposition to Brexit when he turned into as soon as Barack Obama’s vice-president and his subsequent criticism of Mr Johnson, he said he anticipated there to be some “reconsideration of irrespective of feedback would possibly also goal hold been made about the moment of Brexit” within the upcoming weeks and months.

Following Mr Biden’s victory, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the UK would “listen carefully” to US issues about the affect of the UK’s departure from the EU on stability on the island of Eire and the Comely Friday Settlement.

Mr Biden has vowed to unify the US after he turned into as soon as declared the winner of the presidential election on Saturday.

The Republican incumbent, President Donald Trump, who is a ambitious supporter of Brexit, has but to concede defeat and is taking factual action in a decision of states, alleging balloting irregularities.

Mr Raab urged the BBC’s Andrew Marr that the UK had always had faith within the integrity of the US electoral arrangement to form a “certain” final result, which he said it had now completed.

“We would in point of fact like to handbook certain of getting sucked into domestic American politics nevertheless it completely is terribly certain now, in our stare, that there is a definitive result,” he said.

He said the British embassy in Washington had been alive to with the Biden campaign and he believed the president-elect and Mr Johnson, who hold never met sooner than, would keep in touch in “due route”.

media captionDominic Raab said the UK executive is “excited” to collaborate with the US, following feedback from Senator Chris Coons

Mr Johnson passe his interview to reaffirm the significance of the relationship between the 2 countries, pronouncing he and the contemporary president had “critical stuff” to acquire on with.

“The United States is our closest and most indispensable ally, and that has been the case president after president, prime minister after prime minister – it’ll no longer trade,” he said.

“I bask in there is plan extra that unites the chief of this country and governments in Washington at any time and any stage than divides us.

“We hold frequent values, we hold frequent interests, we hold frequent global point of view. There would possibly be a if truth be told perfect quantity of work we would prefer to full collectively to offer protection to those values.”

Mr Johnson signalled that he hoped Mr Biden’s victory would designate a broad shift in US policy on native weather trade, Mr Trump having taken the country out of the Paris Climate Accord.

“I bask in now with President Biden within the White Home in Washington we hold the true prospect of American global management in tackling native weather trade,” he said.

‘Novel chapter’

The UK and US are currently looking for out to barter a bilateral trade agreement, against a backdrop of ancient tensions with senior Democrats in Congress over Brexit and its affect on Northern Eire.

Mr Biden has warned that the 1998 Comely Friday Settlement must “no longer be a casualty” of Brexit and expressed issues about the UK executive’s strive to pass laws that can present it the power to override parts of the EU Withdrawal Settlement with regard to Northern Eire.

What a Biden presidency system for the UK

The election of Joe Biden leaves Boris Johnson facing a gigantic diplomatic repair job. The 2 males hold never met.

Final December the president-elect described the prime minister as a “bodily and emotional clone” of Donald Trump.

There are folks spherical Mr Biden who bear in mind bitterly how Mr Johnson as soon as advised President Obama harboured anti-British sentiment due to his share-Kenyan ancestry.

Mr Biden and his group bask in Brexit is an ancient mistake. They’d no longer prefer Britain to depart the EU with out a trade deal, in particular if it alive to breaking commitments made within the Northern Eire protocol.

Mr Johnson has expressed his perception that the UK would possibly be ready to valid mutually beneficial trade agreements with each and every the US and the EU, its two good partners.

But he has moreover signalled that he’ll now bow to strain from the EU to re-write the Inner Market Bill, which is due to be voted on within the Lords on Monday, to gain out controversial clauses

“The entire point of the Inner Market Bill… is to offer protection to and uphold the Comely Friday Settlement and the peace project in Northern Eire,” he said.

“That is in point of fact appropriate one of many issues that we’re united on with our pals within the White Home.”

Asked about Mr Trump’s persisted claims that he had won the election, the foreign secretary said the UK and diversified foreign countries wants to examine out no longer to be considered to be looking for out to intervene within the election or its aftermath.

He added: “I’m particular Donald Trump and his group will replicate on where they lie.”

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