Fountain Pen and Pocketwatch on Last Will and Testament Document

Procedures that can be used to manage the assets and debts of a decedent, and / or to obtain authority to distribute the assets to those entitled to receive them.

Estates Wills TrustsChild's Hands Holding Clasped Adult Hands

Information regarding divorce, separation, and child custody.

Families & ChildrenGuardianship - Sculpture of Soldier Sitting with Sword and Helmet - National Archives and Records Building

A court case in which a person who is not the parent of a child asks for custody of the child, the power to manage the child’s property, or both.

GuardianshipTop of Pencil With Eraser over a piece of paper with various words written (indecipherable)

Expungements can allow a person to reopen their criminal case, set aside the conviction and dismiss the case.

ExpungementRiverside Self-Help Center / Law Library Building

Self-Help Information Centers provide general assistance to people who do not have attorneys.

Self-Help Info CtrsImmigrant Silouettes against stylized American Flag Background

Immigration Help and Information.

Immigr Info (ext. site )