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Ganesh Elephant History and Overview of Hindu Figure | ThaiAmuletSales (.com)

Ganesh, some say “Ganesha” is a Hindu god created by Shiva after merging the head of an elephant with that of a man in Hindu mythology.

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Ganesh is the “God of Obstacles” – both placing and removing obstacles. He is worshipped as the god over many different areas of life, and you can learn more information in the video.

Many Thais and other Buddhists across the globe worship Ganesh statues, or amulets, or at least wear something with an image of Ganesh to remind them of his power, his role in their lives.

From a commenter:

Parvati created Ganesha. When Ganesha defeated Siva and Vishnu, Siva killed Ganesha. Parvati sent her shaktis to avenge his death and so Siva and Vishnu decided to send Narada to console Parvati. Her request was that they bring Ganesha back to life and she would then stop killing all of the devas involved in Ganesha’s death. Brahma asked for the ganas of Siva to retrieve the head of the first animal they came across and bring it back to them. They encountered an elephant first and so brought back an elephant head. With this head, they brought back Ganesha.

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