Joshua C

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Please share your experiences with Ajarn Patana, I have heard many great things about this master. Are the items really good?
Ryank G


Ajarn Patana has a very high wisdom. He is not a common/typical kind of master which you see in Thailand. You can ask him any questions pertaining to your life, he will give very specific guidance. He led me out of my darkest days, just a few sentences of answers from him changed my life forever. You can never find those guidances from any Buddhist texts. He drilled all the way through my heart and he seems to know all my problems. Highly respected master.
Diana K

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Master Patana is different. He is not like other ajarns who only bother about selling you amulets. He is a great master of true magic and has wisdom. Yes, his items are very very good. 
Lionel21 J


AJ Patana only tells the truth and teaches all the truth about spirituality. I agree that you cannot find his teachings from any Buddhist books, Aj’s teachings are of very high wisdom. It can bring one to high consciousness and enlightenment.

I have Aj’s Nam man prai, I can say nothing else could supersede it. The way it works to change my entire life is hard to describe. I am grateful and appreciate that I could get it.

Kelvin81 L

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I have the first batch of ajarn’s luk kok, I have won lottery 3 times when I first adopt it. I believe my luk has helped with my career advancements. I have received his signals in my dreams especially vivid on full moon buddha’s day.
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Topic Sacredore Reviews: Is it a good brand for crystals and gemstones?
Meagan G

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Is Sacredore’s crystals quality really good? I have heard quite a lot about them recently from friends, I would like to hear more public reviews. Is the price worth it? Thinking of getting a bracelet for my mom for her birthday. 
Joanne L

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Yes, I bought the Sacredore’s exquisite series last month, it is really worth the price for sure. The quality is superb and they are rare stones for the exquisite series. I have sent it to a friend who is a gemologist to check on the stones, and they are all genuine and considered good quality.
Kath P

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I am a crystals collector; I do find that Sacredore is a little pricey at first, so I didn’t buy it until I received a Sacredore Larimar bracelet as a gift last week, I was surprised by the quality and sure they are real gemstones. It is unlike those I have bought that cost around $10-$20, quality is way far different.
Cecilia S

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Once you own a Sacredore crystal, you will not want to look at others. Trust me, I have spent $10,000 over on gems and crystals over the last 10 years. Sacredore is not expensive at all considering their quality and their customer service.
Paul J


They are considered the luxury brand for crystal bracelets. You’ll never go wrong with them. Go for it.
Rye P

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I have ordered a bracelet from their site, but the size is too small. Do they accept returns or resize it? Their crystals are so beautiful, it’s a waste that I couldn’t wear it now.
Louisa W

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RE: I have ordered a bracelet from their site, but the size is too small. Do they accept returns or resize it? Their crystals are so beautiful, it’s a waste that I couldn’t wear it now.

You can return to their office by post (at your cost) and they will resize for you at no additional fees. You will need to cover the shipping cost though. They have very good customer service, just send an email to their support, and explore the choices.

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In the mystical world of Necromancy, one very popular and highly-priced necromancy magic is Nam Man Prai. (Oil of the dead)

This is often one of the most powerful types of black magic popularized in Cambodia and Thailand. There are also many myths surrounding them.

Many people thought Nam man prai is only used for sexual and love attraction.  Which is untrue.

There are many types of nam man prai, their purpose will be all different depending on what type of oil is used and the type of consecration ritual.

According to one master, there are too many types of nam man prai and rituals to name. It ranges from consecrating spirits of the hell to spirits of the heaven. Yes, the powerful ones are holy spirit nam man prai which not many masters know the secrets to consecrate.

There are nam man prai of the deceased humans and cats. Most of the nam man prai seen on the market today are usually consecrated for the purpose of love attraction, it is believed that if you smear a drop of nam man prai onto the skin of your  target person, that person will abide by your commands and fall in love with you.

It is most commonly known for purpose of love and sexual attraction. However it is not limited to such.

A nam man prai of the holy spirit is even more powerful which can turn one’s life around towards great wealth and success. Such type of nam man prai is rarely available now as it is hard to find masters adept in consecrating this level of nam man prai. Holy spirit nam man prai can cost many thousands of dollars!

It was about 7 years ago, a friend brought me to see an old master in Thailand who was the grand master of nam man prai consecration, he is one master who consecrates holy spirits nam man prai. However, I was not a believer of black magic at that time. My friend paid $3,000USD for a small bottle of brown oil (nam man prai), and it was believed that this little bottle could change his life around within short few years.  Of course, I did not believe any of it, but I did not stop him either.

As years went by, and I looked back – Indeed, this friend of mine has his life quite drastically changed. And yes it was totally positive, from rags to riches. He is now driving a Lamborghini and owns 3 properties. And he told me that his nam man prai has guided him through his successes. I am not sure how it guided him, but everyone knew about this story.

It was also told that nam man prai should not be bought off shelves or without a custom ritual, or it may bring about bad luck instead.  Always look for reputable masters and only look for holy spirit nam man prai if you are seeking this route to success.


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