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Relaxing Music 24/7, Meditation, Healing, Sleep Music, Calm Music, Yoga, Sleep, Zen, Study, Relax – Body Mind Zone’s piano music, relaxation music, and meditation relax music aids healing, improves sleep and helps you achieve ultimate zen. Our relaxation music is calm music that can be used for soothing relaxation or as sleep music to relax after a hard day’s work. Because our calming music uses relaxing piano music it is effective meditation music for all of your meditation needs. As such it is ideal relaxing music or stress relief music, soothing your tiredness and tension as you unwind to the sounds of our music for meditation. Use this relaxing music as study music or work music when you study, and you will find that as concentration music it is really effective in improving the way you work. Our work music is used by scholars of all ages who like to study with our piano music. Its healing and relaxing sounds make it perfect meditation music or sleep music. If you want sleep music, then our relaxing piano music will help as calm music to relax you. This relaxing music can also be used in a spa as spa music or for yoga as yoga music as it is deeply relaxing. What better way to relax than to enjoy a spa experience to meditation relax music? This calm music is effective as concentration music or study music, sleep music, spa music, relaxing meditation music and deep sleep music. Just relax and enjoy the relaxing piano sounds. Perfect piano music for relaxation or healing!

Our music is popular in Spanish as “musica relajante”, in French as “musique relaxante” and in German as “entspannungsmusik” and provides stress relief music across the globe. This relaxing sleep music can also be used for sleep meditation and as preparation for om meditation. This soft music is soothing music often used as Zen music or simply for meditation or to help you sleep.

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Body Mind Zone’s meditation music videos provide calming music to promote inner peace. Use our music for meditation as background music to bring soothing relaxation to your body-mind. This peaceful music is ideal relaxing music for stress relief. Our instrumental music is deep healing music releasing positive energy and clearing subconscious negativity and therefore is ideal yoga music. When you need music for insomnia, our relaxing sleep music with its ambient, soothing sounds, will help you fall asleep. This soft, sleep meditation music with its embedded delta waves, is essential deep sleep music. So, you can choose to use our beautiful music as meditation music, relaxation music, music for sleep, healing music or yoga music.

Body Mind Zone’s music for sleeping videos have been specifically created as relaxation music videos and are suitable for people who need soothing relaxation from soft, peaceful music to help them go to sleep. Watch them as a form of sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, gently letting the dreamy images relax you into that calm place where you can fall asleep easily. We have chosen beautiful visuals to accompany the sleep meditation music so you can use the music for stress relief and sleep relaxation.

Body Mind Zone’s music for sleeping is relaxing music that helps to reduce anxiety and restore inner peace. Our calm music uses nature sounds and ambient instrumental music to bring about soothing relaxation for body and mind. Use our beautiful music for autogenic training to ensure whole-body sleep relaxation or as part of your sleep meditation practice. Listening to such ambient, beautiful music, often with nature sounds like ocean waves in the background, inspires sweet dreams. Our relaxing sleep music will help you enter the dream state gently and without anxiety.

Our relaxing sleep music is available as 30min sleep music or 8hour sleep music videos. You can therefore choose the length of sleepy, calm music that best meets your needs. Are you are looking for 30min of power nap music? Are you hoping to practice your lucid dreaming with 8hours of sleep meditation music? Or are you wanting a full night’s rest with deep sleeping music? The choice is yours.

So, if you are struggling to go to sleep or if you are looking to fall asleep faster, try listening to Body Mind Zone’s relaxing sleep music. Let our deep sleep music, with delta waves and ambient instrumental music, help you reach a state of deep sleep relaxation so that you easily fall asleep. Or, simply enjoy the sleep meditation music for stress relief letting it bring you to a place of soothing relaxation.

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World largest Rahu Statue in Thailand

The world largest Rahu Statue in Thailand


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He can
use it for any or all the following purposes: assist friends or family,
personal wellness or growth, etc. The training is open for everyone regardless
of their cultural background, religion or age. 
Reiki techniques are very useful especially for therapists, nurses, body
workers, health-care professionals and others. The techniques are meant for
anyone who wishes a healthier mind and body or who wants to help others in the
healing process.


Reiki for Health


If you
want to understand Reiki then you need to be consistent and practice it daily
for a period of time. Only this way you’ll understand Reiki and its major
benefits: health promotion, enhanced sense of meaning in life, improved
wellness and disease prevention.


don’t need other experiences with natural healing or health. All you need is a
positive attitude and some patience because you need to replace your fears and
worries with acceptance and trust. Only this way you’ll take responsibility for
your happiness and health. Reiki will help you spread that positive energy
through your entire body, your mental blocks will simply disappear and you’ll
be able to move forward and return to a healthier mind and body.


Degree in Reiki


are only three divisions in Reiki from first to third. After the first level
the student will know how to use the energy for healing itself. This level also
stimulates spiritual growth. The second degree lets you understand deeper the
ancient method of Reiki healing. After the second degree you may practice
healing on other persons not just on you. 
If you want to become a Reiki Master then you must complete the third
degree as well. As in any other training you’ll start from the first level and
work really hard in order to complete the last level of your training.


Wrap Up


masters and the students all share this profound experience called Reiki.
Through this training you’ll push your own switches that will let you channel
the energy to others, helping them discover a way of inner peace and energy
balance. This is Reiki.


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This is Psychotic Depression | Kati Morton

Defining major depressive disorder and psychosis first is important before we try to understand how they can feel when they are happening at the same time. MDD is when we no longer enjoy the things we used to and we have a marked impairment in our level of functioning for at least 2 weeks. You must have at least 5 symptoms in total, but the first two I mentioned must be present. Here’s my full video on MDD: is not a diagnosis all on its own. We can be diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, but when we talk about psychosis, we are talking about having psychotic symptoms on top of another diagnosis (like MDD or bipolar disorder). There are 5 types of psychosis: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, grossly disorganized or abnormal motor behavior, and negative symptoms. Here’s my full video on psychosis: difference between psychotic depression and schizophrenia (which also experiences psychosis) is that the themes of a person with psychotic depression’s delusions or hallucinations are focused on depression. They can revolve around feeling worthless, terrible about yourself, and hopeless. In schizophrenia, their delusions or hallucinations tend to be more bizarre or nonsensical in nature (ie. feeling like God is speaking to them through their daily news).
As far as treatment for psychotic depression goes, medication in a hospital setting is best. The reason they want us to be in the hospital is that when we are already feeling down and hopeless, adding psychotic symptoms to that increases our risk of suicide. So they really just want you in the hospital to keep you safe until they get the psychotic symptoms under control. What I want you to hear with this video is that the symptoms can go away with proper treatment. I know psychosis can be scary and make us worry that we are losing our minds. But if we reach out quickly and get the help that we need, those scary things we are experiencing can and will go away. So please speak up and reach out!

I’m Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos!

Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!

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I do not currently offer online therapy, but I have partnered with BetterHelp who can connect you with a licensed, online counselor in your area:

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If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.

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If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity.

Here are some of the greatest, the most creative and helpful tutorials that show you how to turn ordinary items of clothing into something totally fresh and new!

Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free!

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#hacks #funny #DIY

Music by Epidemic Sound:

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Most Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On


In this video you can see what are the most common reasons why the check engine lights up on or starts flashing.

On our website you can find a more detailed tutorial on the check engine light topic:


As you’ll see, making an inspection on your own may at least narrow down or even solve the check engine light problem.

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Hanuman Purify Evil Spirit

Sifu (KubaArchan Wai) use power possess Almighty Hanuman to help this follower with his blood to purify evil spirit in this follower and needed help from four follower that boost strength by Sifu(KubaArchan Wai) for hold up this evil spirit that possess by this follower but they boost strength up by Sifu (KubaArchan Wai) has fail beacause one of the follower has not follow Sifu(KubaArchan Wai) order do not eat meat only vegie but one of the follower fail to keep up the order from Sifu (KubaArchan Wai) and almost unable to hold up the struggle from evil spirit , Sifu (KubaArchan Wai) has to use more strength of Almighty Hanuman to hold up this evil spirit for stop the useless struggle after the evil spirit has clam down

Tq for watching

Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered and adored deities in Hinduism. He is loved by one and all, cherished for his tales in mythology.


Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered and adored deities in Hinduism. He is loved by one and all, cherished for his tales in mythology.

Worshippers of Lord Hanuman have tremendous faith in him, he is believed to be a tremendous source of strength and with his blessings, one is able to achieve higher consciousness and connect with his soul.

Lord Anjaneya is worshipped in various forms. He is said to be Panchmukhi and is possessed with five faces. Hanumanji is worshipped with his 108 names and is believed to have ten arms.

Lord Kesarinandan’s form is said to have a deep significance in both, Indian mythology and Hinduism, and by worshipping Pavan Putra Hanuman, a devotee gets blessings of the deity, which enable him to achieve success in all spheres of life.

A very popular mythological tale associated with Vayu Putra is about Sindur, and exemplifies Lord Hanuman’s devotion and love for Bhagwan Sri Ram.

Sindur is vermilion that married Hindu women apply on the parting of hair. Once when Sita Mata applied Sindur on her head, Lord Hanuman asked about the same. Sita Mata said that this is to ensure that your master has a long life. Lord Pavan Putra was so inspired by what was told to him that he smeared his entire body in Sindur! When Lord Hanuman is worshipped, he is offered Sindur and oil and idols of Lord Hanuman in temples are often smeared with Sindur. Similarly, when people use a photograph of Lord Sankatmochan in any of their living environments, they often smear his body with a mix of sindur and oil.

By adorning the Divya Hanuman Darshan pendant, you can always keep Lord Kesarinandan’s form and the mighty prayer of Hanuman Chalisa close to your heart. With this pendant, always attain the blessings of Hanuman ji and stay within his scrutiny.

The Divya hanuman Darshan pendant is a tremendous pendant bestowed with great spiritual strength and blessings of Lord Maruti.

A very characteristic feature of this wonderful pendant is that within it, it has the entire text of Hanuman Chalisa is etched on a crystal. And by facing the light and looking through the lens given right above Lord Anjaneya’s illuminant face, one can read the entire text of the Hanuman Chalisa.

Adorn this pendant, and achieve success in all your endeavors in life.

The magnificent Hanuman Darshan pendant comes nicely packaged and by adorning this pendantPsychology Articles, you can get blessings of Bajrang Bali and feel the gracious presence of Divya Jyotivan Hanuman Chalisa in your everyday life.

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The Science of Hypnosis

Hypnosis: that’s just a fun gimmick for stage shows and plot twists, right? Well, turns out there might be more to it.

Learn more about amnesia:

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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Animal Magnetism

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Hypnosis has the power to transform your life. If you want to be happier and have more fun and success then it’s easy to get hypnosis working for you.

When I started out writing this article I was going to use the title “Learn To Use Hypnosis” and then realized that the title itself would very likely cause a barrier to those who might otherwise be tempted to read what I have to say. You see, when you start a sentence with “learn how” this implies that you have to provide effort, and that you have to be good at learning.

Most people don’t want to “work at it” (whatever “it” might be) or to expend very much effort and there are also a lot of people who believe that they are not good learners. And so if I were to use the title “Learn to Use Hypnosis” none of these people would be tempted to read any further. Instead, only those people who were specifically interested in learning about hypnosis would take a peek at what is being said.

I had also planned to add a sub script to this title which said “Because you’re Worth It” as a means of implying that it would be worth your while to make the effort to learn to use hypnosis. This of course would inadvertently reinforce to the reader that there would be effort involved.

The irony of this is that hypnosis does not require effort. Neither do you really have to learn to use it. You already use hypnosis on a daily basis. You pass through hypnosis as you fall asleep and as you wake up, which for most people happens on a daily basis. Hypnosis is in fact so natural and normal that you are often unaware of its presence. It is a state of mind which you inadvertently utilize; without thinking, it just happens.

And so when someone talks about learning to use hypnosis, what they really mean is that you can learn to intentionally create this state of mind and put it to your advantage. Hypnosis can overcome fears and make you happier. Hypnosis can make you successful and confident and have a lot more fun in your life. Hypnosis can change attitudes, behaviors and habits. Hypnosis can transform your life.

Hypnosis is very easy. It also requires very little effort at all. Think about it, if you already use hypnosis without realizing it, it cannot take much effort, can it?

Roseanna LeatonPsychology Articles, specialist in hypnosis downloads to make your life better.

P.S. You can grab a free hypnosis download from my website and get hypnosis working for you.

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Nowadays, people are using different marketing
strategies such as e-mail marketing, or social media marketing but still the
most effective strategy of marketing is postcard marketing. They are much
better than e-mail and social media marketing. You can get better results from
this strategy. The major advantage of postcard marketing is that your targeted audience
doesn’t need to do anything before reading your marketing message – no sign
up/in, no computer, and internet.

Even it is very unique form of marketing, it doesn’t
require any envelope. Your marketing message is displayed and straight to the
point. Unlike envelope letters, postcard message can be skimmed quickly before
going to a trash. This gives a chance to people to think about your message,
whether throw it away or not.

The only disadvantage attached to the postcard is
the limited space. There is limited space on the postcards. That’s why you need
to put more effort in making the design of postcard more effective. You need to
create high impact postcard that can draw your targeted audience attention to
your message by using that small space.

You need to use your imagination in making
innovative design of your postcard. A good approach of creating best design can
be hiring a professional company. Here are some reasons, that make the postcard
an ideal choice for your business;

Postcards can be produce
quickly and you can increase your sales leads dramatically within few weeks.

You can easily persuade
your customers to patronize for your products and services.

You can announce your
promos and events

Through postcard
marketing, you can track your postcard marketing results

They can be used as
mini billboards for the instant visibility in the eye of your customer.

They are easy to create
and inexpensive

You can target only
those customers who want to buy from you

Here are some tips that can improve your

1.      Consistency
of mailing to your targeted audience

2.      Don’t
put much details, just write down promotional benefits

3.      Make
an appealing offer

4.      Make
your postcard in that way, it relate to your targeted audience personally

5.      Invite
your targeted audience at trade shows and business events to get discounts

6.      Get
a right mailing list

Hope, you can now understand the whole process how
postcard works and what advantages attached to the postcard marketing campaign.
So, why don’t you think to try it today?

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Wedding Ceremony vs. Marriage RegistrationIn Thailand, these two serve entirely different purposes. The wedding ceremony is usually held by parties for the purpose of honoring the family, as well as the religious and traditional beliefs which the family is accustomed to. Having the ceremony itself does not mean your marriage is already legally valid and binding in Thailand. This is where Marriage Registration will come in.Marriage registration in Thailand is the act of formally recording the union into the Registry of the country. It is registration which marks the start of a legal marriage in Thailand.  The Necessary DocumentsAside from one’s passport, the other important document required for a foreigner marrying in Thailand is his Affidavit of Freedom to Marry. This Affidavit must be secured from one’s Embassy in Thailand after his arrival in the country. Once issued the Affidavit, have the same translated to Thai and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before heading to the local district office for the marriage registration.Translation and CertificationEach of the parties is given a Certificate of Marriage after the union is formally registered at the district office. Since the certificate is in Thai, the foreign party will need to have the Certificate translated into English before the same can be used for reporting to his home state.  After the translation is done, the document must be brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Certification.Reporting of MarriageSome nationals are required to report their marriage at their country’s Embassy in Thailand. Ask your Embassy about this when you apply for the Affidavit of Freedom to marry so you know if you need to come back for the reporting. If you need to report your marriage at your Embassy, present the certified translation of your marriage certificate for this purpose.

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This article was provided by Siam Legal, an international law firm with offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, and Samui. Siam Legal publishes legal guides to getting married in Thailand on its website.

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